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Van Taylor Launches Fact Check Chet Edwards Program

Location: Waco, TX

Van Taylor Launches Fact Check Chet Edwards Program

The Best Defense to Hypocritical Attacks is The Truth.

WACO- - After months of petty and false attacks from opponent Chet Edwards, Van Taylor, Republican candidate for U.S. Congress in Texas' 17th District, is launching a program dubbed, "Fact Check Chet Edwards" to point out the inconsistencies, and resulting hypocrisy, between what Chet Edwards says in Texas and what he does in Washington.

The program will be a true research initiative, presenting well documented data, quotes, votes and legislative rankings that will better help voters understand Chet Edwards' truly hypocritical nature through his own words and actions.

"The attacks Chet Edwards has launched at me over the past several months have nothing to do with helping Texans cope with the issues that affect their everyday lives," said Taylor. "It is disingenuous to the voters of Central Texas to hypocritically attack me without giving them all the facts.
I owe it to the people of the 17th District to make this campaign as clean and honest as it can be, I intend to present the public with the facts and let them make their own decisions. Washington spin will no longer be tolerated in Central Texas."

The program is set to launch today, and continue until November with periodic "Fact Check Chets," pointing out inconsistencies in what Chet Edwards tells the voters in Central Texas, and what he actually does in Washington D.C.

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