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Real Democrats Don't Walk Away From the Middle Class

Location: Dover, NH

George W. Bush has the worst economic record of any President since Herbert Hoover.  Since Bush took office, our country has lost 3 million jobs and has turned a record surplus into record deficits.

I promise to restore the nearly three million jobs lost under George W Bush in my first 500 days in office.  The Kerry Administration will reenergize the small businesses that are America's economic engine; close the corporate loopholes that insulate big businesses from competition; bring down health care costs that are strangling America's business; and make sure that our workers have the skills to compete in the 21st century economy.

I'm proud that I opposed the President's tax giveaway and when I'm president I'll stop these tax cuts for the wealthiest among us because they're unfair and unaffordable. Democrats agree that the Bush Administration's tax giveaways for the wealthy have left America's workers hurting but there are real differences within our party about to restore economic growth and create jobs.   Real Democrats are straight about who they'll fight for. Real Democrats don't walk away from the middle class.  They don't take away a tax credit for families struggling to raise their children or bring back a tax penalty for married couples who are starting out or penalize teachers and waitresses by raising taxes on the middle class.

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