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Grassley Statement for 25 X '25 Initiative Press Conference

Location: Washington, DC


Prepared Statement of Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa

Chairman Senate Committee on Finance

25 x '25 Initiative Press Conference

June 7, 2006

With $3 gallon gasoline, it doesn't take long for Americans to start calling and writing their representatives in Washington, D.C. Our constituents are hit not once, but several times as the domino effect takes hold and businesses pass along their own higher energy costs.

America for too long has endured tight energy supplies. And, unfortunately "Abracadabra" won't solve our problems. That's why the 25 by ‘25 initiative is so important. It's going to take bold ideas and workable solutions.

The 25 by ‘25 effort is our signal to America's farmers, ranchers and foresters that we believe they have the ability and resources to generate 25 percent of our energy needs.

Already, our farmers and ranchers are working hard to use their resources to produce electricity from wind, biomass and other agricultural wastes. In addition, corn, soybeans and other crops are being used to produce transportation fuels like ethanol and biodiesel. It's evident that rural America has the drive to achieve this goal.

The Concurrent Resolution that Chairman Goodlatte and I are introducing, along with many of our colleagues, states our renewable energy goal. It does not prescribe a way to achieve the goal. It recognizes the benefit of implementing supportive policies and incentives to stimulate the development and use of renewable energy. It also identifies the benefits of technological improvements to the cost and market appeal of renewable energy.

The supporters of this goal commit to support sensible policies and proper incentives to work toward the goal. This is something we all can support. It's in our economic and national security interest to do so.

Let me wrap up my remarks with a quote from a poem that I think is very fitting of this bold, new initiative. The name of the poem is "Dream Big." I don't know the author, but it says "If there were ever a time to dare, to make a difference, to embark on something worth doing, it is now."

I would say that the time has come to "Dream Big."

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