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Pearce: President's Border Plan Falls Short

Location: Washington, DC

Pearce: President's Border Plan Falls Short

Following President Bush's address to the nation on border security and immigration reform last night, U.S. Rep. Steve Pearce issued the following statement:

"We must act now to secure the border," Rep. Pearce said. "The extraordinary step of deploying National Guard troops to the border underlines the national security emergency we face. Yet, the President's plan doesn't go far enough to ensure its effectiveness. His plan relegates National Guard troops to a supporting role - potentially limiting their ability to provide the relief our overtaxed Border Patrol agents desperately need.

"I am also concerned the President did not rule out amnesty, at least in substance. Allowing illegal immigrants to become citizens will merely lead to more illegal immigration.

"I believe that the President sincerely wants to solve the border crisis. I commend him for looking into the eyes of the American people and offering a solution. I am also encouraged by the President's commitment to increasing the number of Border Patrol agents while enhancing surveillance technology and ending "catch and release." These measures are key components of H.R. 5067, the pure border security legislation I have introduced.

"Nevertheless, the border crisis demands more than the President has proposed. We don't have time to pursue "comprehensive" legislation. The issues surrounding immigration reform are complex and the debate will be lengthy. Meanwhile, the American people expect us to act.
"Through its basic, non-controversial provisions, the bill I have proposed, H.R. 5067, could enable us to begin securing the border now. What are we waiting for?"

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