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Senate Passes Resolution Urging Government of Libya to Work in Good Faith to Settle Terrorism Cases

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U.S. Senator Mike DeWine (R-OH) announced that late last night the Senate passed a resolution by unanimous consent declaring that President Bush should, "not accept the credentials of any representative of the Government of Libya without the expressed understanding that the Government of Libya will continue to work in good faith to resolve outstanding cases of United States victims of terrorism sponsored or supported by Libya." The goal is to ensure the Libyan government is working to compensate victims of state-sponsored terrorism. "While Libya is making progress in renouncing and fighting terrorism, Libyan officials should know that we will be looking for Libya to continue their progress in rejoining the international community and we urge them to make good on their promises to the families who have suffered," said Senator DeWine. "Now that the President is proposing that full diplomatic relations be restored, the Administration must continue to work toward a solution that ensures that the victims' families are fully compensated."

On December 21, 1988, Libyan terrorists bombed Pan Am Flight 103 over Scotland killing all 270 people aboard the flight. Libya was also behind the bombing of the Labelle Discotheque in Germany, on April 6, 1986 where two American service members were killed and many others severely injured.

In recent years, the Libyan Government has tried to make up for these transgressions through monetary compensation offering $10 million per victim in the Pam Am case totaling $2.7 billion. Families have received $8 million each, but they continue to wait for the final payment of $2 million. On August 15, 2003 Libya's ambassador to the UN, Ahmed Own, formally announced government responsibility for the bombing of the Pan Am Flight 103; this was the first major step out of isolation and back into the global community for Libya. On September 12, 2003 the UN lifted all sanctions against Libya. On May 15, 2006, Secretary Rice announced the United States' intention to have a full and open diplomatic relationship formed between the United States and Libya ending 26 years of isolation.

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