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Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Korean War Armistice

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. PRYOR. Mr. President, more than half a century ago, America answered the call to defend freedom in South Korea. Today, we continue to defend democracy and freedom in over 100 countries around the world.

This war against communism is sometimes referred to as the "Forgotten War" because it came at the heels of World War II and was overshadowed by the Vietnam War. Indeed, there are fewer pages in our children's textbooks about this war than that of other wars. But the cause of freedom was no less important. The bravery of the Nation's Korean War veterans was no less significant. And the sacrifices of these veterans and their families were no less meaningful.

Twenty-two nations joined 1.8 million Americans in risking life and limb to defend a country they did not know and a people they had never met. Included were the young men and women who fought on the mountains of Korea in places such as Pork Chop Hill and Bloody Ridge. The United States suffered 36,934 casualties and 103,284 wounded during the Korean War; another 8,000 were taken prisoner or met an unknown fate. In my state of Arkansas, 466 brave servicemen and women paid the ultimate sacrifice. These are our Nation's heroes and they acted selflessly to bring forth freedom and opportunity for generations.

July 27 marks the 50th Anniversary of the armistice with North Korea. I take this opportunity to thank our Korean War veterans and their families for their great service and dedication to our Nation. We owe our Korean War veterans a debt of gratitude that we can never repay.

The Korean War veterans defined "new opportunity for all." They defended and promoted the virtues of democracy abroad, providing an emerging Nation a chance to develop and flourish into the viable country it is today. I can not begin to imagine how different Southeast Asia and the world would be if it was not for the true determination and unbelievable courage demonstrated by our soldiers, airmen, marines and sailors.

American servicemen and women remain on-point in Korea to protect freedom along what is referred to as the world's most dangerous border. I commend them also for their bravery and commitment to democracy.

From Korea to Iraq, let us not forget the sacrifices that our men and women in uniform have made on behalf of our great country.

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