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CNN Larry King Live - Are Republicans a House Divided?

Location: Washington, DC

CNN LARRY KING LIVE Are Republicans a House Divided?


PETER KING (R-NY), CHAIRMAN, HOMELAND SECURITY CMTE: I don't know how David exactly defines right and far right. For instance, my district is certainly not overly conservative. Bill Clinton carried it twice. Al Gore carried it, George Bush barely carried it the last time.

But I would say the overwhelming majority of my district, for instance, is opposed to the president on the immigration policy. They want us to address border security first and do nothing at all at this time about any path to citizenship or doing anything that legalizes illegals.

And this is not anti-immigration. I am 100 percent pro- immigration, but I have never such a reaction in my district. I would say 95, 98 percent of the phones, calls and e-mails to my office are against any legalization of illegals or amnesty, if you want to call it that.


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