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Unanimous Consent Request--H. R. 4437

Location: Washington, DC



Mr. McCONNELL. I might say to my good friend, the Democratic leader, all of the amendments the Senator referred to could be offered to the death tax which we expect to be on later in the week.

The American people did not send us here to try to engage in some kind of effort to embarrass the other Chamber. They want us to legislate. We spent multiple weeks on the immigration bill. Both the Democratic and Republican leaders are aware of who the conferees are. It is time to move forward. We should not engage in some kind of parliamentary maneuver that is going to be completely lost on the American people as they wonder why in the world we did not get about the business of having the conference on a very challenging bill, the immigration bill.

By the way, I personally was unaware that the leader was going to offer this objection today. I think we ought to talk about it later in the afternoon and see if we cannot arrive at some way that is mutually agreeable to both sides to go on and get to conference. The Senate has acted. The House has acted. It is time to have a conference. I hope we can do that sooner rather than later.

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