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N.H. Delegation Seeks Immediate Approval of States's Request For Amended Declaration of Major Disaster to Cover Public Infrastructure Damage

Location: Washington, DC


U.S. Senators Judd Gregg, John Sununu (R-NH) and Congressmen Charles Bass and Jeb Bradley (R-NH) today (5/26) urged President Bush to grant immediate approval to the State of New Hampshire's request for an amended declaration of a major disaster to aid in covering the costs of infrastructure damage.

"We are thankful for President Bush's move on Thursday to approve a disaster declaration for individual assistance to help thousands of New Hampshire residents who have suffered losses due to the recent flooding," said the delegation members. "As the recovery process continues, communities are facing severe and costly damage to the public infrastructure, with preliminary estimates in excess of $14 million. The immediate approval of an amended declaration of a major disaster will play a major role in helping state and local officials in the reconstruction process."

The following is the complete text of the May 26 letter to President Bush:

"On behalf of the people of New Hampshire, thank you for your prompt response to the needs of our citizens who have been so severely impacted by the recent flooding. We very much appreciate your efforts to date and now would ask you to give immediate approval to the State of New Hampshire's request for an amended declaration of a major disaster. As you know, most regions of the State suffered severe damage to both public infrastructure and private property as a result of the heavy rains that began on May 12, 2006. The Public Assistance Preliminary Damage Assessment was recently completed and showed that damage to state and local infrastructure is in excess of $14 million. There have been 2 large box culvert failures and damage to 58 State road segments. Three of those roads remain closed. In addition, more than 600 local roads were closed due to flood related damages.

"Although many communities have begun the emergency work needed to re-open their important roadways, it is clear the total damage cost will place a significant financial burden on the impacted municipalities. We strongly believe the federal government must take action now to support these local and state efforts.

"Thank you for your timely consideration of New Hampshire's request. The people here have begun to rebuild their communities but an expeditious response by the federal government is critical to supporting those efforts. We hope the approval of the State's amended request will occur as soon as possible."

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