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Supporting the Goals and Ideals of Peace Officers Memorial Day

Location: Washington, DC



Mr. KIND. Madam Speaker, I thank my good friend and colleague from the District for yielding me this time.

Madam Speaker, I do rise in support of this resolution which is supporting the goals and the ideals of the Peace Officers Memorial.

Madam Speaker, as a former prosecutor and special prosecutor in the State of Wisconsin, it was my honor, or privilege really, of being able to work each day with these law enforcement officers in our community and throughout the State. I have always been impressed with their dedication and professionalism, their commitment to the community.

These men and women in uniform wake up every morning with a shared goal of trying to make our communities just a little bit safer, trying to make us and our children and grandchildren and all of our families just a little bit safer during the day.

And all too often we hear the tragic stories or read about it or see on the news of fallen officers who fell in the line of duty. And it is right and proper that we have a National Peace Officers Memorial Day to honor their sacrifice made on behalf of all of us.

But what we do not hear about is the tremendous courage and dedication that officers exhibit each and every day and the cases that they sometimes find themselves in, which places their life and safety in great danger. And this, unfortunately, occurs on an all too frequent basis.

Madam Speaker, I also want to just take a moment and commend a member of my own family, my youngest brother, Terry Kind, for his years of dedicated service as a police officer for the Town of Holmen Police Department in western Wisconsin.

I have the chance to talk to him from time to time to try to keep a foot in the law enforcement community back home. And sometimes the stories that he relates to me are blood-curdling and quite startling. Not only talking about the victims of crime, but also the incredible danger that our officers face from time to time.

Madam Speaker, I would encourage all of my colleagues to support this resolution today. I want to commend my colleagues on the floor here for bringing this resolution forward and speaking so favorably about it. I also want to commend and thank those law enforcement officers across our country who do a tremendous job under very difficult and dangerous circumstances each and every day of their dedicated lives.


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