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Representative DeGette Responds to President Bush's National Guard Plan

Location: Washington, DC

Representative DeGette Responds to President Bush's National Guard Plan

Congresswoman Calls For Real, Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Today, U.S. Representative Diana DeGette (D-CO) responded to President Bush's call for National Guard troops to be used to secure our borders.

"President Bush must play a leadership role in demanding that Congress pass comprehensive immigration reform. It's inappropriate to think that we will solve our immigration problems by deploying troops to our borders.

"President Bush's track record on border security is filled with under-funded and broken promises. Year after year the President's budgets have cut funding for border agents and detention facilities and now he's proposing that we use the National Guard to fix the mess he created. The President has already stretched our Guard dangerously thin, extended deployments to Iraq and his botched response to Hurricane Katrina proved that. With hurricane and wildfire season just around the corner, we can not afford to put any more stress on our Guard troops.

"It's time for the President to show real leadership on immigration reform."

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