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Time For Action On Illegal Immigration

Location: Washington, DC


Mrs. BLACKBURN. Mr. Speaker, one of my colleagues referenced the study from the Law Library of Congress entitled ``Immigration Law Sanctions and Enforcement in Selected Foreign Countries.'' It evaluates the policies and the practices of Brazil, Egypt, Japan, Mexico, Sweden and Switzerland. The countries were selected specifically to provide a geographically and racially diverse group for comparison purposes.

What the study found is that strong enforcement of immigration law and tough sanctions can effectively reduce illegal immigration.

Mr. Speaker, it is of concern to us that we learned yesterday that the U.S. Government is releasing information on the Minutemen border patrols to the Mexican Government. It is very frustrating that our government would be both willing and able to release information to the Mexican Government on these patrols, yet unable to adequately deter illegal entry into this country.

Mr. Speaker, I want to see a border wall or technology improvements that will actually halt illegal border crossings. There is incredible consensus among Tennesseans that enough is enough on this issue. It is time for action.

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