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Rep. Cole's Statement after President's Remarks on Immigration Reform

Location: Washington, DC

Rep. Cole's Statement after President's Remarks on Immigration Reform

Congressman Tom Cole made the following statement this evening after the President's address to the nation:

"The President's remarks tonight show that he understands that the situation on our borders is serious. His proposal with respect to placing National Guard units on the southern border is not a permanent fix, but it buys us time to put forth a comprehensive, long-term solution. It is now up to Congress to pass immigration legislation that will increase border security, implement the new technologies which the President referred to and create additional physical barriers to stop the illegal immigrants that cross our border every day."

"It is important to remember that in the end dealing with illegal immigration will require a multi-faceted approach. We already ask so much of our National Guard--putting them on the borders permanently would be an inappropriate use of the Guard and would place an even greater strain on these dedicated men and women."

"Above all else, just as the President reiterated tonight, our country is and will always be open and accepting to any individual that wishes to come here by following the rules and abiding by the law. Border security is the first step to a comprehensive immigration policy. As the President noted, we must also enforce existing laws and then put into effect a policy for the illegal immigrants that are already living inside our borders."

"I applaud the President for this decisive action. I believe he laid out the general principles necessary to deal with this important national challenge. I will be working with members of Congress on both sides of the isle to come together and pass a comprehensive border security and immigration bill."

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