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Agriculture Appropriations Bill Passes the House

Location: Washington, DC

Agriculture Appropriations Bill Passes the House

Kildee Joins Effort to Soundly Defeat Anti-Sugar Amendment

Congressman Dale E. Kildee (D-Flint), announced today the funding of several vital programs in the House Agriculture and Rural Development Appropriations bill for fiscal year 2007. The bill passed the House of Representatives late yesterday evening with Congressman Kildee's support by a vote of 378-46. Among the amendments soundly defeated on the floor was an attempt to weaken the no-cost U.S. sugar program vital to farmers and sugar producers in mid-Michigan.

"The House bill contains funding for vital programs that will help protect the American people against the bird flu pandemic and mad cow disease, among others," Kildee said. "I am also pleased my colleagues overwhelmingly rejected an attempt to gut our existing sugar policy and damage Michigan sugar producers so that foreign sugar would benefit at the expense of American farmers."


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