Energy Independence

By:  David Gill
Date: May 9, 2006
Location: Unknown

Energy Independence

We must move boldly now toward energy independence. Our dependence on fossil fuels threatens our economic security, distorts our foreign policy from treasured American ideals, and endangers the very existence of planet Earth.

The time is now to dramatically increase the production of domestically grown biofuels, and to dramatically enhance incentives for alternative energy production from solar, wind, and geothermal sources. We must rapidly develop and deploy hydrogen-based energy systems.

My opponent, Tim Johnson, voted in support of last year's Energy Bill, which shamelessly subsidizes the Big Oil companies at the very time when that industry is recording obscene profits. While you and I struggle with skyrocketing home heating bills and $3 per gallon gas at the pump, Mr. Johnson only makes the situation worse by gifting billions of our tax dollars to the likes of ExxonMobil. He then has the audacity to pat himself on the back and to tell our farmers that the 2005 Energy Bill will assist them in their production of corn and soy used for biofuels. He fails to tell them, though, that he's merely thrown a few crumbs their way, while providing a feast for the Big Oil companies.

Our career politicians like my opponent have failed miserably in this arena. The time has come for leaders with vision and guts-- leaders independent of the financial contributions of the Big Oil PAC's, leaders willing to speak unpopular truths even at the cost of lost votes. Moving forward and making changes may result in some short-term discomfort; but failure to move forward will inevitably be tragic.

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