Questions From Jeff Savoie

By:  David Gill
Date: Feb. 4, 2006
Location: Unknown

questions from Jeff Savoie

Dear Jeff--

Sorry it took me a few days to get to this.... I'll just post this, along with some answers, on our blog on the Website.... I assume that's OK with you, given that you posted many of these same questions on the blog. I sure appreciate your interest.

On Saturday, January 28, 2006, at 09:37 AM, Jeffrey Savoie wrote:

What are the candidates stances & opinions on the following issues?
Illegal immigrants?
Gun control
Concealed carry?
Standardizing gun laws throughout the nation? I don't like the idea of suddenly becoming a desperate criminal becuse I crossed a state, county or city line.
Does he have any thoughts on promoting energy star appliances? Those that need the energy savings most can not afford the addded expense.
What is his opinion on the legalization of agricultural & industrial hemp?
What does he plan to do to protect workers pensions? There are far to many workers loosing promised pensions while the average CEO now makes 44 times the amount of the average worker.
Does he have a plan to discourage outsourcing & keep our manufacturing jobs? I consider this a matter of national security.
I would very much appreciate real answers to these questions.
Thank you
Jeff Savoie


I'm not sure what energy star appliances are..... with that exception, here are some answers to your inquiries:

I don't believe there's a need for any further gun control legislation, esp. here in IL's 15th district. I think the federal govt. should not involve itself further in this, and that these decisions should be made on a locality-by-locality basis.
I think we need to increase the development & use of all renewable biofuels, including hemp.
I think we need much tighter regulation and enforcement of exisiting pension legislation-- the current Administration and Congress simply make this a low priority and don't budget enough for the appropriate oversight of these plans.... my understanding is that here in America, the average CEO actially makes 400 times what the average worker makes.
If we had trade agreements which demanded appropriate worker rights, we'd see a dramatic drop in outsourcing; unfortunately, all the "Free" traders in D.C. don't pass such trade agreements.
We need a dramatic change in our tax policy, such that we reward companies that maintain and create jobs here at home, and fiscally punish those that ship jobs overseas..... we're currently 180 degrees out of line with regard to this.

David Gill

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