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Republicans Reject Proposal to Boost Alternative Fuels in Defense Spending Bill

Location: Washington, DC

Republicans Reject Proposal to Boost Alternative Fuels in Defense Spending Bill

Udall and Hoyer vow to continue fight on House floor next week

As Americans struggle to afford near record high gas prices, Republicans on the House Armed Services Committee rejected a proposal to increase funding for alternative fuels programs at the Department of Defense by $63 million. The committee rejected the alternative fuels amendment offered by Rep. Mark Udall (D-CO) by a vote of 25-30 during debate on a bill to authorize programs at the Defense Department in 2007.

"To improve real national security, we must improve our energy security. My amendment would have taken two steps in that direction by boosting funds for advanced power technologies and for alternative fuel infrastructure at military bases. As the single largest buyer of fuel in the U.S., the Defense Department has an opportunity - even an obligation - to lead the way in diversifying our energy portfolio. And no time could be better than the present. America's addiction to oil from any source means that our security is vulnerable and will continue to be until we have the vision to look beyond the gas pump," said Udall.

House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer (MD), a strong proponent of exploring alternative fuels for our national and economic security, expressed support for the Udall amendment today. He said Democrats will continue to fight to increase funding for alternative energy programs at DoD when the House of Representatives debates the defense authorization bill on the floor next week.

"Ending our addiction to oil is a matter of national security," said Hoyer. "Our nation cannot be secure as long as our economy can be held hostage by fluctuations in the price of oil. We must invest more in alternative fuels immediately, and the Defense Department, as the single largest buyer of fuel in the U.S., must be a significant part of that effort. I will join with Rep. Udall on the House Floor next week to push for more alternative fuels funding in the Department of Defense Authorization bill."


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