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Statement by Senator Mark Pryor On Veterans Personal Data

Location: Washington, DC

Statement by Senator Mark Pryor On Veterans Personal Data

I find it very troubling that the personal information of 26 million veterans has potentially been compromised and fallen into the hands of thieves. It is incumbent upon the Veterans Administration and law enforcement to allot the necessary resources to protect these veterans from identity theft and further frustration.

Congress also has a responsibility to put a stop to security breaches and identity theft, and I believe we should start by passing the Identity Theft Protection Act, S.1408. My "security freeze" provision is a critical piece of this legislation that would allow individuals to freeze their credit information and stop a potential thief from opening up new accounts in their name. Participation in the "security freeze" is voluntary, and consumers would have the option of lifting the freeze in advance of applying for new credit. Unfortunately this recent incident should serve as a reminder to my colleagues that we need to pass meaningful identity theft protections that provide financial security for all Americans.

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