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Denouncing Anti-Immigrant Hate Messages

Location: Washington, DC

DENOUNCING ANTI-IMMIGRANT HATE MESSAGES -- (Extensions of Remarks - May 19, 2006)

* Mr. BACA. Mr. Speaker, its been 4 years since 9-11, yet the Republicans in Congress and this President have failed to secure our borders and protect this country against future terrorist attacks.

* Americans want and deserve better.

* The country is depending on us to take action but this Administration and the Republians in Congress have let us down over and over again.

* The Democrats' plan offers real security that will protect America from harm.

* It's time for Republicans to put politics aside and enact real reforms now.

* It's time for Republicans to stop playing politics with our security.

* Just take immigration reform, for example.

* Instead of recognizing the need for real, comprehensive reform Republicans have used th border security issue to play on people's fears and exploit the debate for their political gain.

* They've hijacked the debate to incite xenophobia in the minds of the American people!

* I want my colleagues to be aware that this rhetoric can provoke extremists to commit violence against immigrants.

* Remember that words have consequences and set the tone for public debate.

* Unfortunately, all over America racists are taking advantage of the immigration debate to voice their message of hate.

* And they are using the media--which our Constitution protects--to do so.

* Several years ago, I founded the Congressional Sex and Violence in the Media Caucus because I was disturbed by the messages our children were receiving.

* As co-chair of this caucus, I have led the effort to help parents protect their kids from harmful and inappropriate content such as graphic sex and violence.

* Now we must be on the lookout for racist content in the media.

* On March 29, 2006, a New Jersey radio talk show host Hal Turner exclaimed, ``..... It is time to fight. To kill such invaders....... If you don't fight AND don't support those of us who do, when we're done with them, we can come for you.''

* I recently learned about a racist game distributed freely on the Internet called ``Border Patrol'' that encourages Players to shoot at Immigrants as they cross into the United States.

* The game first surfaced in 2002, but has come up once again amid the immigration debate.

* This is obscene and crosses the line!

* For years, White supremacists have used the Internet to get their messages out to as many people as possible.

* But the use of computer video games is new.

* They are deliberately targeting our children and recruiting them into their hate groups!

* The fact that the national immigration debate is fueling their efforts is downright scary.

* It just takes one individual with hate in his heart to act on these notions!

* Border Patrol is one of several racist computer games that hate groups are currently for sale or download on the Internet.

* Other games like ``Ethnic Cleansing,'' ``DriveBy 2'' and ``African Detroit Cop'' were created to further racist, anti-Semitic or homophobic opinions.

* Already, the National Alliance, a violent neo-Nazi group, is selling ``Ethnic Cleansing'' and is promising to market and sell similar games.

* As the issue of comprehensive immigration reform has moved to the forefront of national policy debate, these hate-messages have grown more radical.

* As the Aryan Nation's Web site puts it, ``We now have another game animal to add to our list of available targets for our favorite pastime, hunting, and we'll declare permanent OPEN SEASON on these dirty wetbacks! From what I've heard through the grapevine the Skinheads and Klans across the country are more than prepared for this type of action. I say let's play by state and see which state can claim the most kills and let the jewsmedia whores keep score!''

* This is a big real concern especially as the debate continues.

* These extremist groups are going to gain momentum.

* A report by the Anti-Defamation League shows that hate groups have organized numerous assaults against immigrants within this month alone.

* As members of Congress, our first responsibility is the security of every American and of that means securing our borders.

* But the outcome of this debate will speak volumes about how we embrace diversity in our communities and welcome foreigners in our society.

* We cannot have this debate at the expense of the safety of immigrants in our communities.

* I understand that not everyone in Congress agrees with a more inclusive vision of the American family.

* But regardless of your position on immigration and border policy, I call on you to join me in condemning all the extremists who are hijacking this debate for their hateful agendas.

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