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MSNBC Rita Cosby Live & Direct - Transcript

Location: Unknown

MSNBC Rita Cosby Live & Direct - Transcript


COSBY: And joining us now on the phone is Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts.

Governor, what‘s the situation there tonight?

GOV. MITT ROMNEY ®, MASSACHUSETTS: Well, we have several thousand people that have been moved into evacuation shelters and many of then off to friends and family after that. We‘ve very high levels of water at some of our downtown areas, we‘ve got, literally, hundreds of roads that have been closed and we have in a couple of places, raw sewage being dump into rivers by virtue of power shortage at our major sewage treatment facility. So a lot of damage and extraordinarily high levels of water.

COSBY: You know, you talked about lots of people; we‘ve heard reports of thousands of people having to evacuating. When will they be able to return?

ROMNEY: Well, it‘s going to depend on the rate of—you have backflow, if you will, of the rivers, as they recede we‘re going to be able inspect homes and see whether there‘s been damage that allows them to be reoccupied or whether it‘s going to take longer than that. My guess is it‘s going to take a period of days at the earliest for people to be able to reoccupy their homes and then after that, a lot of repair work.

COSBY: How long do you think that repair work could be? Are we talking weeks, months?

ROMNEY: Well, I would think in some cases it‘s going to be weeks and months. We were just at a nursing home today that had a levee around it that they had built that had given way and as a result they had to evacuate some 200 people. Their entire heating and air conditioning plant and all the electrical system has been compromised and it‘s going to take some time for them to get that replaced.

COSBY: How much do you think the cleanup‘s going to cost your state?

ROMNEY: Well, it‘s surly going to be in the tens of millions of dollars in terms of the public infrastructure, and then all of the damage to businesses and homes will be above that. That‘s something we‘re going to be calculating, adding up and of course we‘ll be applying for federal disaster relief and supporting, as well. Our homeowners and our cities and towns with state aid.

COSBY: You know, there‘s a report out—and our thank there to the governor of Massachusetts. And still ahead, from too much water to not enough of it. Could a draught be causing alligators to come out of the swamp and attack humans? The latest on the hunt for the gators responsible for some deadly attacks. That‘s coming up.

And Britney Spears knows there are always cameras watching. So why

did she make such a big parenting mistake again? We‘ll show you.‘

And, don‘t forget to send in your questions for super golfer and

always controversial, John Daly. That‘s tomorrow night. He‘s going to be

here live in the studio to talk about his many wives, gambling, and of

course, controversy on the green. E-mail your questions to or call our tip line at 1-877-TIP-RITA. You‘ll hear them on the show tomorrow night.


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