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CNN Larry King Live - Transcript

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CNN Larry King Live - Transcript


REP. MARSHA BLACKBURN (R), TENNESSEE: You know, Larry, I think that what we had to admit is that there has been a problem with perceived leadership. And what the American people are wanting to see right now is strong, decisive leadership.

The American people I think and the people in my district they agree with President Bush when it comes to the war on terror. They agree with President Bush on what he has done on the economy and on taxes and on jobs growth.

They disagree with him on immigration. They disagree with him when it comes to government spending and what they want to do is see him take that strong, decisive leadership role back. That is how they like him best when he is being true to his roots and when he is showing that decisive leadership.


KING: Congresswoman Blackburn, Georgette says Iraq's the big story and, if you look at the numbers, more Americans are against our being there than are in favor and, if you don't turn that around, where do you go with that?

BLACKBURN: Larry, I'm going to tell you I think that most people agree that we cannot -- we cannot give up in the war on terror. It is vital that we win in this war on terror.

And when I'm in my district talking with my constituents what they tell me is that they would much rather us be fighting this there than fighting it on the streets in Memphis or Nashville or over here. And we have a choice to make. For 20 years this nation responded to the war on terror, to terrorist attacks of civil disobedience, and after 9/11 that changed.

And in my district when I'm talking with my military families, whether they're National Guard families or some of the men and women from Fort Campbell that are deployed, what they do is to tell me they understand the mission. They know that we have to build a democratic ally in the Middle East.


KING: Congresswoman, did you agree with the president's speech?

BLACKBURN: Larry, I did not agree with the things that the president had to say. In my district and with my constituents and I believe most of the American people have a consensus on this issue and it is "Show me a secured border."

And once you've shown me a secured border, then we're going to turn around and talk about what we do about workplace enforcement, what we do about law enforcement issues and talk about the other issues that are a part of this general debate. But first and foremost secure that border and until we do that I think that everything else is off the table for discussion.


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