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Tribute to U.S. Family Health Plan

Location: Washington, DC

TRIBUTE TO U.S. FAMILY HEALTH PLAN -- (Extensions of Remarks - April 27, 2006)

* Mr. SESSIONS. Mr. Speaker, on this, day 25 years ago the U.S. Family Health Plan was approved by the U.S. Congress. For the past 25 years the U.S. Family Health Plan has provided a commitment and service to the Nation's military health system by caring for our military families. Through the years, the U.S. Family Health Plan has been a valued partner with the U.S. Department of Defense by continuing to serve nearly 100,000 military beneficiaries today.

* The U.S. Family Health Plan is a proud member ofthe TRICARE program. It has distinguished itself by consistently earning the highest beneficiary satisfaction ratings among all TRICARE providers. The plan is administered by some of this Nation's finest health care institutions, including Johns Hopkins--Maryland, Brighton Marine Health Center--Massachusetts, Martin's Point Health Care--Maine, St. Vincent Catholic Medical Centers--New York, CHRISTUS Health--Texas, and Pacific Medical Centers--Washington State.

* U.S. Family Health Plan's roots date back to 1981 when the Omnibus Reconciliation Act designated 10 public health hospitals as U.S. Treatment Facilities to provide care for the uniformed services through an agreement with DoD. In 1993, that designation evolved into a fully at-risk managed healthcare plan named U.S. Family Health Plan. The plan's popularity grew in the regions where it was offered. In 1996, the National Defense Authorization Act designated the U.S. Treatment Facilities as TRICARE Prime Designated Providers and made the U.S. Family Health Plan a permanent part of the military health system.

* Please join me in congratulating the U.S. Family Health Plan on their 25 years of service to our Nation's military families and for their outstanding contributions to military health care.

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