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Medicare Prescription Drug Plan is Working!

Location: Washington, DC

Medicare Prescription Drug Plan is Working!

Putnam Will Hold Additional District Seminars

With the May 15th deadline looming for senior citizens to sign up for the new Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Program, Representative Adam H. Putnam (R-FL 12) urges all beneficiaries to sign up to realize significant savings.

"The new prescription drug program is working and saving money for America's senior citizens," stated Putnam, who chairs the House Republican Policy Committee. "More than 30 million people have already enrolled in the new plan, and many are seeing real savings."

Putnam also announced that he will hold two additional Medicare Prescription Drug seminars to assist seniors as they consider the various prescription drug plans that are available under the new Medicare Part D program. Those attending will receive one-on-one counseling on a first-come, first-served basis, and attendees are asked to bring a list of their current prescriptions, including dosage strengths and instructions.

In the 12th Congressional District, 69% of all Medicare beneficiaries currently have prescription drug coverage. Florida currently has more than 2 million resident seniors who have this important coverage, and studies show that the average senior who signs up for the plan will save more than $1,100 on their prescription drugs this year.

"A number of my constituents have told me that thanks to the new program, for the first time in their lives, they are able to take all their prescription medications," Putnam said. "Despite in initial difficulties, the program appears to be achieving the savings that Congress intended when it passed the landmark legislation in 2003."

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