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Garrett Statement Supporting Establishment of a National Methamphetamine Prevention Week

Location: Washington, DC

Garrett Statement Supporting Establishment of a National Methamphetamine Prevention Week

Today, Congressman Scott Garrett voted in favor of H.Res. 556. The resolution was passed by the House.

In 1990, the Bergen and Passaic Districts of New Jersey were designated as part of a High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area. Garrett is intent on addressing the drug problem in North Jersey and made the following statement for the record:

"Mr. Speaker:

I wish to express my support for H.Res.556 that would establish a National Methamphetamine Prevention Week to increase awareness of the meth epidemic and educate the public about the dangers of meth use.

We are too familiar with the devastating consequences that methamphetamine use can have. It is a powerful and highly addictive stimulant. Meth users tend to be violent and paranoid, leading to aggressive behavior against others. This is a drug that affects all districts, all socio-economic levels, all races and creeds. It is highly available and shows no signs of dropping off. In addition, meth production is destructive to the environment and to innocent bystanders. Chemicals used to produce meth create toxic fumes and waste. And meth labs are highly volatile, with significant risk of explosion and/or fire. I am hopeful that passing this resolution will lead to greater awareness of the trouble that this particular drug increasingly brings.

Constituents of my Congressional district and state have been affected by it and I am highly motivated to end meth use in this country once and for all.

I commend law enforcement, both in my district who were recently successful in busting a meth lab, and throughout the country for their efforts in combating the production and distribution of this horrible vice.

It is imperative that the tragic results of meth use be exposed so we can once and for all end our fears that our children, friends and neighbors will one day walk down the heartbreaking road that so many victims have already traveled."

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