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Rep. Andrews Supports Uncensored Scientific Debate Over Global Warming

Location: Unknown


Prominent scientists at NASA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the U.S. Geological Survey, have alleged that this administration prohibited them from speaking freely to the press regarding climate change research. I have written President Bush asserting that Congress and the American people deserve direct, unfiltered access to scientific reports from government researchers. Global warming is one of the world's most pressing problems and there is no room for politics in this important debate.

We must fully protect our scientists' right to free speech as they are entrusted with great responsibility to the public. I am troubled that one of the world's renowned climatologists has had his scientific reports and public remarks censored by political appointees that did not agree with his conclusions on climate change.

I ask that the President allow open scientific debate on global warming and take preemptive steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This week, as we commemorate "Earth Day," public and industrial leaders should consider the environmental legacy we will leave our children. I believe it is prudent to clean up our environment to improve quality of life and ensure our survival.

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