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Bono Encourages Senate to Move Immigration Reform Legislation

Location: Washington, DC

Bono Encourages Senate to Move Immigration Reform Legislation

Congresswoman Mary Bono (CA-45) released the following statement encouraging the Senate to swiftly pass immigration reform legislation so it may be conferenced with House legislation where final details will be debated.

"It is imperative that the Senate remain focused and swiftly pass an immigration reform measure. Although I do not support certain provisions expected to be in the Senate bill, I do support a solid border security measure paired with a non-amnesty guest worker program.

"A strong and secure border is of the utmost concern for our national security. However, true immigration reform must also provide a framework for immigrants to work in this country legally. Many sectors of our nation's economy depend on a strong workforce that has been served by immigrant populations. It is vital that these immigrants have viable means to work within the law. A non-amnesty guest worker program would provide a legal system for a migrant workforce to work in our country within the system rather than unlawfully.

"Once the Senate passes their version of immigration reform legislation, we can enter into a House-Senate Conference where important details of the final bill will be debated. I will be actively engaged in this process to advocate that the final bill takes a balanced approach to immigration reform by addressing our national and economic security concerns as well as a sensible and humane guest-worker program."

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