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Recognizing Bay of Pigs Veterans Association 2506 Assault Brigade

Location: Washington, DC


* Ms. ROS-LEHTINEN. Mr. Speaker, I would like to recognize the Bay of Pigs Veterans Association 2506 Assault Brigade. On April 15 of this year, this brave group of men will observe two monumental events. They will be commemorating the 45th anniversary of the invasion of the Bay of Pigs and the 43rd anniversary of the liberation of the captured members of the 2506 Brigade. The members of the 2506 Brigade came from all walks of life, ages, and backgrounds. The men range from doctors and farmers to students and priests. The oldest was a highly decorated 52-year-old World War II paratrooper and the youngest a 15-year old who lied about his age in order to be a part of the Bay of Pigs Assault Brigade. The 2506 Brigade trained for months with little supplies in preparing for this assault that they hoped would dethrone a cruel and heartless tyrant. These great patriots risked their lives in hopes of freeing their homeland from the tyrannical grip of a brutal dictator. My parents and I were fortunate enough to escape the oppression and persecution of Castro's regime when I was a young girl. Unfortunately, many have not been as lucky and still live in a country that does not recognize the human rights and personal freedoms that we cherish here in the United States. I applaud the efforts of all those who seek to eliminate the cruel dictatorship in Cuba and in its place instill a foundation for democracy and freedom. I along with the men in this distinguished group look forward to the day when Cuba is a free and sovereign nation. I pray that this day will soon come and that the Cuban people still living under Castro's oppressive regime will be able to have the freedom and democracy that was so patriotically fought for by the members of the 2506 Brigade.

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