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Leading Hispanic Business Group Endorses Tax Plan

Location: Austin, TX

Leading Hispanic Business Group Endorses Tax Plan

Gov. Rick Perry today announced the Texas Association of Mexican-American Chambers of Commerce (TAMACC), has joined the long list of organizations that have endorsed the Perry-Sharp property tax relief and school finance plan.

"TAMACC speaks on behalf of thousands of Hispanic-owned businesses across Texas engaged in every sector of the Texas economy. These entrepreneurs know firsthand that Texas needs a fairer business tax, lower property taxes and more reliable school funding, and they know that this is the plan that gets the job done," Perry said. "This endorsement is significant not just because it adds tremendous momentum to our plan in the opening days of the special session, but also because it signals the support of the employers who are driving much of our economic growth."

Perry pointed out that Hispanic-owned businesses pump $40 billion into the Texas economy each year and provide jobs for millions of workers. Texas is now home to one in five Hispanic-owned businesses in America, and the number of Hispanic entrepreneurs is growing three times faster than the national average.

"TAMACC's endorsement is proof positive that our plan will protect and improve Texas' outstanding job climate for many years to come," Perry said.

Perry also said he was pleased to learn yesterday that the budget surplus is significantly larger than originally projected, saying the surplus is the result of wise fiscal decisions made in the past few years.

"I believe lawmakers must continue to make wise investments with the taxpayers' money, and one of the best investments they could make would be to return additional dollars to the people through property tax relief under our plan," Perry said. "With the support of TAMACC and more than 40 other associations, today Texas is closer to realizing that goal than ever before."

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