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Announcement By the Acting Chairman

Location: Washington, DC

ANNOUNCEMENT BY THE ACTING CHAIRMAN -- (House of Representatives - April 06, 2006)


Mrs. BLACKBURN. Mr. Chairman, I just love this debate. I love this day of the year when we come to the floor and we talk about our budget and we go before the American people to talk about the priorities that we have, what we see as being important to this Nation, where we place our hopes and where we place our dreams and where we think about opportunity.

Another great thing about this day is that this is the day when big spenders don't have anywhere to hide.

You know, as my colleague from Michigan said, they cannot have it both ways. We have now watched liberal Members come down here, and this budget is too fiscally conservative. They say we are not spending enough. We have to spend more. And then they say you are spending too much.

If you were a parent, you would go pull out a copy of ``Goldilocks and the 3 Bears'' and start reading, because nothing is ever going to suit them.

I know people back home are looking at this debate, and they are probably scratching their heads because the Democrats say it is too conservative, it does not spend enough. So let's cut through the rhetoric and look at what we have got. What they want, what it really means is that they want to pretend to support spending reductions while they turn around and they call for more spending. For big spending.

Their stance really doesn't make any sense; but what it does do is prevent them from having to take a stand for spending restraint. Did they choose to vote with us for the Deficit Reduction Act? No, they did not. They chose not to vote for reducing the deficit.

This budget will continue to hold the line on spending. It will continue to find savings in mandatory spending. We all know this government spends too much. That is why we have a huge, enormous bureaucracy in this town that the other side has built as a monument to themselves. After 40 years of control, 40 years of growing a big old budget, 40 years of trying to continue to fund it, and they are still making the same tired, worn-out arguments. They cannot have it both ways. We are either for reducing spending and getting this under control, or we are for growing it.

We can make some reductions in spending. We can freeze some things, hold the line, and that is what we are doing. As I said, they chose not to support the Deficit Reduction Act. They chose not to support across-the-board cuts. And because of that, they have chosen not to be leaders in this issue. So they ought to decide whether they are for more spending or less spending before they come down here to the floor and certainly before they go home.


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