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Higher Education Bill Includes Tiberi Language

Location: Washington, DC


Washington, Mar 30 -

WASHINGTON--Legislation approved by the House of Representatives reauthorizing The Higher Education Act includes provisions offered by Rep. Pat Tiberi (R-Delaware County).

"Since this is the primary law spelling out the federal role in higher education," said Tiberi, "the improvements we made through this bill will be of lasting importance to the entire higher education community.

"Most important, this bill expands access to postsecondary education for those who need it most--low and moderate income students as well as nontraditional students. It will make it easier for students to compare costs, reduces red tape and strengthens funding programs."

As Chairman of the Select Education Subcommittee, Tiberi was instrumental in offering language strengthening programs dealing with graduate and international education.

"Collectively, graduate programs encourage students to advance their knowledge in scientific and technical fields, the arts and humanities, and legal studies by providing financial assistance as well as support services to those displaying academic excellence," said Tiberi.

"Graduate programs also play an essential role in K-12 education. Graduate programs train individuals to become faculty at our institutions of higher education, who in turn will train the elementary and secondary teachers of tomorrow. The No Child Left Behind Act requires a highly-qualified teacher in every public school classroom. To meet this goal, we must ensure the faculty of education programs at colleges and universities are prepared to meet this challenge.

"International studies must be a national priority, something that this bill recognizes. Today's integrated world and global marketplace underscores the importance of training specialists who can provide assistance to the government and the private sector, and communicate across cultures on our behalf. In addition, we are more aware than ever that America's security needs require advanced international knowledge and effective foreign language skills.

"This is an important bill for students and schools in our area and across the country. I'm proud to have played a part in its passage."

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