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MSNBC Rita Cosby Live & Direct - Transcript

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MSNBC Rita Cosby Live & Direct - Transcript


COSBY: You bet. Well, both of you, good job in cracking down on this guy. Thank you very much.

And joining us now is Republican congressman Peter King of New York, who chairs the Homeland Security Committee. Congressman, you just heard Attorney Hill suggesting that national security may have been at risk. Do you believe that?

REP. PETER KING (R-NY), HOMELAND SECURITY COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN: Well, it‘s a really concern that I have. And if not a risk with Mr. Doyle, certainly, it raises questions about the vetting procedures and the personnel procedures at the Department of Homeland Security because this person was hired, and he had a top-security—a top-secret clearance, from what I understand. You know, he could have just as easily been communicating with somebody from al Qaeda who was posing as a 14-year-old girl, and they would have been able to blackmail him. He could have been dealing with a foreign country, and they would have had such incriminating evidence on him.

And my concern is, how was he hired? Why was he hired? How much of his background was gone into? I have reason to believe that there have been previous instances of strange conduct—you know, I‘ll leave it at that—by Mr. Doyle, and yet, somehow, he was still with the Department of Homeland Security. I believe he come over from TSA.

And again, I think it‘s really important, which is why I have directed the subcommittee on oversight in the Homeland Security Committee under the chairmanship of Mike Rogers of Alabama to do an investigation of the procedures as to exactly how the Department of Homeland Security screens employees (INAUDIBLE) to give a person like this a top-secret clearance and to put him in a position where he could have not just—again, the damage he could have done to innocent people, but he could have compromised himself, and thereby compromised the department with top secret information.

COSBY: You bet. And in fact, let me show a statement. This is from Homeland Security. They released a statement just very recent. It says, quote, "The department is cooperating fully with the ongoing investigation. We take these allegations very seriously."

Congressman, are you worried, again, that this may be just the tip of the iceberg and that there may be also other instances? I mean, the fact that this guy was just—you know, and what the sheriff was saying to us earlier—had the badge out there in front of the webcam.

KING: Yes, I mean, again, that‘s why we have to investigate this from top to bottom. We have to find out, first of all, what other individuals could Doyle have been in contact with? You know, could he have been involved in other situation that we don‘t know about, which could have compromised national security. Also, we have to see what the hiring procedures are to make sure there‘s nobody else in the department with this type of clearance who could have this type background, or who has...

COSBY: You bet.

HOLLOWAY: And also, the fact that computers—you know, this was his government cell phone. This was his government computer—that somehow, there‘s is no restrictions or no limits, and that he could do this with impunity and not be concerned that he‘d be caught—to me, again, there have to be better ways. I don‘t think this would happen, for instance, in the CIA or other law enforcement agencies, intelligence agencies, such as that. And I have a great regard for the Department of Homeland Security, for Secretary Chertoff. They‘re going to have to get to the bottom of this to see, first of all, everything that Doyle did, and if there‘s anybody else that could be in a similar situation, but also, what are they doing to prevent it in the future? What are they going to put in place to do all they possibly can to ensure that nobody with this type of background is ever again hired and given a top-secret clearance.

COSBY: Yes. Right. Well, Congressman King, good luck with that investigation. Keep us posted, please.

KING: Thank you, Rita.

COSBY: Thank you.


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