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John Kerry on Senate Vote to Allow Drilling in Arctic Refuge

Location: Washington, DC

John Kerry on Senate Vote to Allow Drilling in Arctic Refuge

Below is a statement by Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.) on tonight's Senate vote 51-49 to pass President Bush's budget, which contained a controversial measure to allow oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

"For all the talk of America's addiction to oil, this budget vote proved it's Washington that's addicted to oil. Insisting on drilling in the Arctic Refuge is like treating a drinking problem by suggesting the alcoholic do more of his drinking at home.

"It's time we stand up and demand a real energy policy that will actually reduce our dependence on foreign oil. We aren't going to drill our way there, we're going to have to invest in renewable sources of energy and promote bio-energy and energy efficiency.

"Drilling in the Arctic Refuge will do nothing to bring gas prices down, but it provides special interests with a sweet deal at the cost of real energy independence. Dick Cheney's friends in the oil industry wrote our non-existent energy policy, and look what it's gotten us - record home heating costs, some of the highest gas prices in history, and a nation beholden to Middle East oil.

"This fight against drilling in the Arctic Refuge is a fight about our principles. It's about standing up for our environment, our families and our future, and I won't give up this fight."

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