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Ryan Introduces Line-Item Veto Legislation to Combat Wasteful Spending

Location: Washington, DC

Ryan Introduces Line-Item Veto Legislation to Combat Wasteful Spending

WASHINGTON - U.S. Representative Paul Ryan (R.-Wis.) today introduced the Legislative Line-Item Veto Act, H.R. 4890 - legislation that would give the President the authority to pinpoint unnecessary or wasteful spending provisions in bills that have passed Congress and send these specific line items back to Congress for a timely up-or-down vote. Similarly, under this legislation, the President would also be able to single out and request the rescission of special-interest tax breaks that apply to small numbers of individuals. Ryan worked with the White House to craft this measure, which tracks with the President's recent request for line-item veto legislation.

Ryan was joined by 47 original cosponsors in introducing this legislation that would make it easier to combat wasteful pork-barrel spending and unjustified earmarks, while boosting accountability for lawmakers' spending proposals. This bill preserves Congress' power of the purse under the Constitution by requiring the House and Senate to vote on the President's proposed rescissions, (unlike an earlier line-item veto law that was struck down by the Supreme Court in 1998.)

"This legislative line-item veto passes constitutional muster and serves as a powerful tool to target questionable earmarks and give Congress the chance to judge them on their own merits, rather than as part of a larger spending bill," Ryan said.

"The time is ripe for this reform to rein in wasteful spending, particularly now that the public has seen how earmarks and the current spending process can be abused by those who are corrupt. We must clean up the budget and spending system and make Washington more accountable for the tax dollars it spends. The line-item veto will help us do away with wasteful pork-barrel spending and reduce the deficit," Ryan said.

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