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Governor Attending Forest Health Summit

Location: Phoenix, AZ


Reminds Arizonans that Everyone has a Role to Play in Fire Prevention

Governor Napolitano is attending the Fourth Annual Forest Health and Safety Summit today. The summit brings together approximately 150 community leaders, firefighters, and members of the forest community to develop Arizona's approach to forest health and safety.

Governor Napolitano asks all Arizonans to do their part in preventing wildfire. No matter where you live, in the foothills, grasslands, or mountains of Arizona, you live in a fire prone environment. Due to the usually dry, warm weather this year, fire season could be more severe, last longer and be more widespread throughout the state than in recent years.

Residents are encouraged to make fire preparedness part of their spring-cleaning routine this year. By clearing dead brush, dry grass and other flammable materials from around your home, you will create a defensible space. Simple steps taken now can save property and lives during a wildfire.

Since 60 percent of wildfires are man made, extra discretion should be practiced by all Arizonans. Arizona affords its residents and visitors beautiful scenery and a variety of outdoor activities. Protecting Arizona land requires taking care when you're out enjoying the beauty.

"From the backyards to the backwoods, please take special care throughout this fire season," overnor Napolitano reminded residents. "Remember, open flames, a carelessly tossed cigarette or an abandoned campfire can destroy thousands of acres of our precious land and put at risk the ives of those nearby."

In anticipation of a severe wildfire season, Arizona is working hard to manage the threat by ncreasing resources for prevention and preparedness.

If a fire should happen, being well informed of what is happening in your area is vital. Arizona 2-1-1 Online was established as a way to distribute information to residents on topics including wildfire updates and evacuation information. Visit for details on preparing for wildfire season and for updates on wildfires throughout the state.

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