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Chambliss Amendment Would Help Georgia Law Enforcement Make Communities Safer, Drug Free

Location: Washington, DC


The Senate today approved an amendment offered by U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga., along with Senator Mark Dayton, D-MN., to the Senate's Budget Resolution that would help provide important federal grants for both America and Georgia's law enforcement officers.

Chambliss' measure would increase funds to the Byrne Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) program, which is designed to provide support through funding for a broad range of activities that prevent and control crime and to improve the criminal justice system. Chambliss' amendment would restore $900 million to the JAG program.

"Over the past few years, funding for our federal law enforcement grant programs have been reduced significantly," said Chambliss. "This is all despite the fact that state and local law enforcement have had to respond to increased homeland security costs, and additional funds to fight the methamphetamine scourge that has grown in rural and urban communities across Georgia. This amendment will help Georgia's law enforcement officials continue their outstanding efforts to make our citizens and communities safe and secure."

Georgia's law enforcement community said Chambliss' measure is much needed to help them carry out their important jobs.

Frank V. Rotondo, the Executive Director, of the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police said: "The Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police applauds the efforts of Senator Chambliss to restore funding to support law enforcement efforts to meet the increasing number of challenges we are facing. With the threat of homeland security being of paramount importance and law enforcement having the task of being first responders in most cases of a threat, it has placed a greater strain on resources. There have also been challenges in the sophistication of domestic crime involving the methamphetamine wave polluting both our rural and urban communities. As we seek to improve operations through training, self assessment, intelligence, networking, etc., it becomes necessary to have funding to meet those objectives. Restoration of funding to the JAG program is the most positive step in the right direction to assist law enforcement in this most critical area. Thank you Senator Chambliss for being sensitive to these most dire needs of the law enforcement community."

Sheriff John Cary Bittick of Monroe County, current Chairman of National Sheriffs Association Congressional Affairs Committee and the past President of the National Sheriffs Association, said: "The National Sheriffs Association, as well as, the International Association of the Chiefs of Police and all other major law enforcement associations are going to be greatly appreciative of Senator Chambliss' efforts on our behalf. The Byrne grants are important to all law enforcement because it is how we fund our regional narcotics taskforces, as well as, our major efforts to fight drugs particularly methamphetamine."
Sheriff Jerry Modena of Bibb County said: "I applaud the efforts of Senator Saxby Chambliss on behalf of local law enforcement. For several years my agency has received funding through the Byrne Justice Assistance Grant program for a multi jurisdictional drug task force. The dedicated officers on this task force are on the front lines fighting the battle against illegal drugs. Like Senator Chambliss we are greatly concerned about the proliferation of methamphetamine, especially in the rural areas of our state. Local governments are under greater pressure to do more with a limited amount of revenue. These JAG program grants are essential to create and sustain innovative strategies to stem the illegal drug trade. We are proud to have Senators Chambliss and Dayton stand beside us as we continue to work to remove the plague of drug trafficking from our neighborhood streets."

Glynn County Sheriff Wayne V. Bennett said: "Senator Chambliss has again demonstrated his support of law enforcement in the fight against illegal drugs and in reducing violent crime by authoring an amendment to restore funds for the Byrne Grants Program. The result of Senator Chambliss' actions will help not only the larger law enforcement agencies, but it will also help the smaller agencies who struggle for funding. Without such aid, many of the smaller agencies do not have the resources to adequately address the ever increasing drug problem that is so pervasive."

Sheriff Bobby D. Mood, the Chief of Police of Marietta, Georgia said: "Thank you Senator Chambliss for all you do and have done for local law enforcement. The men and women who serve so well providing local law enforcement services to our citizens all stand together with me in giving you our appreciation for not forgetting the locals. These grants mean so much to cities like Marietta."

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