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Cantor Protests Hamas' Suicide Bombing Web Site for Children

Location: Washington, DC

Cantor Protests Hamas' Suicide Bombing Web Site for Children

WASHINGTON, DC - Chief Deputy Majority Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) released the following statement today regarding the creation of a Hamas-sponsored Web site aimed at encouraging young Palestinian children to participate in suicide bombing:

"Rather than attempting to be the moderate force for change that it has claimed, Hamas again has shown its true colors. It went so far as to lure children into the despicable and evil practice of suicide bombing.

"This kind of behavior is exactly why all funding to the Palestinian Authority must be cut off. I am supporting legislation to withhold from the United States' UN dues the amount of money the UN would send to Hamas until it lays down its arms and recognizes the right of Israel to exist. Hamas does not deserve one penny of the U.S. taxpayers' money until it truly becomes a partner in peace by taking these steps.

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