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House Passes Carter-Backed Bill to Enhance Food Safety

Location: Washington, DC


March 8, 2006

WASHINGTON, D.C. -Congressman John Carter (R-TX) today voted in favor of a bill that will improve food safety standards. H.R. 4167, The National Uniformity for Food Act, will ensure that Americans are fully aware of the safety of the food they are consuming through uniform, science-based standards for food safety and warning labels.

"The safety of the food we eat should not be taken lightly, and conflicting messages on what is safe to consume threaten the integrity of the system. For people with severe allergic reactions, proper food labeling can be as serious as life or death," Congressman Carter said. "It is important that we have a national standard for food safety and warning labels so consumers can be confident in the purchases they make at the grocery or convenient store. It also eases the regulatory burden on individual businesses by setting a single set of national guidelines."

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