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Kingston Blog - Fuel Independence: Meeting at the White House

Location: Unknown

FUEL INDEPENDENCE: Meeting At The White House

Hey y'all, I wanted to follow-up with you regarding last week's meeting on fuel independence at the White House which I attended.

Overall the meeting was very productive, on all ends.

Along with the President, the Vice President, and the Energy Secretary, the meeting was bipartisan with 10 Members from the House.

During the meeting, the President emphasized America's addiction to oil. Noting that the increased thirst of countries like China and India, he highlighted the fact that our reliance on foreign countries for our fuel is bad for our national security.

I couldn't agree more.

The President then discussed some of the great things that are happening with renewable fuels like ethanol in Brazil, solar plants in Michigan, and others.

We discussed how we can get ethanol up-to-speed faster. We also talked about the notion of having E10 (10 percent ethanol use in fuel) in 10 years (which is what our bill calls for). Particularly we discussed some of the geographical problems with requiring or mandating E10 everywhere. (Due to Clean Air standards, some urban cities, especially those in the Northeast have problems with using ethanol.)

The President was pleased to hear that our bill doesn't mandate or require E10 everywhere. Our bill suggests that 10 percent of the entire pie of fuel used in our nation must be ethanol. In other words, it may make sense to have E85 in some parts of the country, and zero ethanol in others.

The President was particularly interested in new Hydrogen technologies which are coming to the market quicker than ever.

I was pleased to be a part of last week's discussion. The meeting was another step forward for the broad coalition which is working together to Help America Realize Its Fuel Independence.

Thanks for your friendship,


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