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Camp Comments on Renewal of USA Patriot Act

Location: Washington, DC


Mar 7, 2006

Washington, DC - Today, the House approved the USA PATRIOT Act conference report, comprehensive legislation devoted to giving law enforcement the tools necessary to combat terrorism and secure our communities. Specifically, the conference report:

* Permanently eliminates barriers that had prevented information sharing and better coordination between law enforcement and the intelligence community;
* Updates the law to reflect new technologies and new threats;
* Enhances penalties for those who commit acts of terrorism and those who harbor terrorists;
* Strengthens efforts to combat terrorism at America's seaports;
* Increases penalties for attacks against railroad and mass transit;
* Makes certain air piracy crimes subject to the death penalty;
* Strengthens efforts to combat terrorism financing;
* Makes permanent 14 of the 16 expiring PATRIOT Act provisions; and
* Combats the scourge of methamphetamine labs and abuse across the country.

In voting for the measure, U.S. Rep. Dave Camp (R-Midland) said, "Over the last four years, the PATRIOT Act has been a crucial asset in helping detect and dismantle terrorist plots while preserving Americans' civil liberties. Without the PATRIOT Act Americans would be much more vulnerable to another September 11 attack. This legislation is literally saving lives."

Camp also noted that since the passage of the PATRIOT Act, not a single alleged civil liberties violation has been substantiated despite extensive congressional oversight, six reports by the Justice Department's independent inspector general and intense public scrutiny.

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