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MSNBC Hardball with Chris Matthews - Transcript

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MSNBC Hardball with Chris Matthews - Transcript


SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAH ®, SOUTH CAROLINA: I‘m in the tank for John McCain. That‘s the worst keep secret in Washington.

MATTHEWS: Are you going to be in the tank for him come the South Carolina primary 2008?

GRAHAM: If he runs, I‘m going to be there as hard I can. He‘s one of my best buddies, I know him, faults included.

MATTHEWS: Can he win it this time?

GRAHAM: He can win it. It‘s his to lose. But having said that, he has got to decide if he‘s going to run next year. If he runs, I believe he‘s the best person in our party to continue the Bush legacy of winning the war on terror by being aggressive.

MATTHEWS: That dirtball kind of campaign that was waged to get him last time, would that work again?

GRAHAM: It won‘t work again. It was worse than you have even read about. You know it, I was there. It was terrible. It will not be repeated. John McCain was the president‘s best ally on his signature issue, the war. He went all over the country with him in ‘04.

MATTHEWS: Right. In fact, I think he‘s further right than the president on the war.

GRAHAM: If you are a Bush person and you want it to turn out well for the president in history, the next Republican nominee needs to believe in the Bush policy when it comes to the war as much as Bush does. John McCain and George Bush are inseparable on the signature issue, fighting terrorism.


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