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MSNBC The Situation with Tucker Carlson - Transcript

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MSNBC The Situation with Tucker Carlson - Transcript


CARLSON: Bill Frist is not the only one worried about the security of ports. Many GOP members are calling for a delay of the deal that would allow the Dubai-based company to have control over seaports in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Baltimore, New Orleans and Miami.

Florida Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen is one of those Republicans asking the president to slow the process down. She joins me live tonight from Miami.

Congresswoman, thanks a lot for coming on.

REP. ILEANA ROS-LEHTINEN ®, FLORIDA: Hey, Tucker. Thanks. First time on your show, this new format. Thank you so much.

CARLSON: Well, we‘re glad to have you. So what—I mean, what is going on? This politically does not make sense, why the president would take this stand, threaten to veto, something he hasn‘t done, much to my disappointment and I think many other conservatives.

ROS-LEHTINEN: This is true.

CARLSON: Why a veto over this? I don‘t get it at all.

ROS-LEHTINEN: I‘m astounded. I‘m mystified. I‘m flabbergasted. I‘m amazed. Incredulous. I don‘t know how many words I can use.

To use this issue to take a stand and throw the gauntlet down and say, you know, "I‘m the macho guy. I dare you to pass legislation, because if you do I‘m going to veto it," my golly, I hardly run into any of my colleagues, Republican or Democrat, who are in favor of this deal.

And the most mystifying thing of all is the secret committee, CFIUS. Even if we‘re not able to stop this deal, Tucker, from going through, because after all, March 2 is the date when they—when they finalize the deal.

If we‘re not able to squash this, at the very least we are going to have significant reform of this secret process called CFIUS, this Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, because these agencies meet. We don‘t see the deliberations. And they decide whether deals are going to go through or not.

Couldn‘t we have at least one congressional oversight hearing? One Senate testimony?

CARLSON: Well, of course.

ROS-LEHTINEN: Is it asking too much to have a little transparency?

It‘s unbelievable. We‘re just flabbergasted.

CARLSON: What‘s shocking to me is, I mean, you‘re an independent thinker. You‘re also an ally of the Bush administration on a lot of different issues and I think a pretty effective one. If they‘re alienating you on this issue, do they have—it makes me think they must have no support among Republicans in the Congress. Do you know anybody who‘s for this deal?

ROS-LEHTINEN: I‘m not sure. At least the people I‘ve talked to are not. And these are strong allies of the president. You‘re talking about Denny Hastert. He is no radical. He is no moderate. He‘s a great Republican leader for our House. He‘s not for it.

Senator Frist, he‘s not for it. Some may say, well, he‘s got political aspirations. Clearly Denny Hastert does not. And folks are flabbergasted about this.

And in Miami, in our community, we‘re really worried. Now, we know that this does not mean foreign ownership of the port. It doesn‘t mean that they‘re hiring and firing. It doesn‘t mean that they‘re controlling the customs inspections. We understand that this is a foreign government that‘s going to be buy a part—a piece of the action of the port. And that is, in and of itself, very scary to us in south Florida.

We know that they‘re not going to ride roughshod over customs, so we‘re not exaggerating the problem. What we‘re saying is it‘s quite different to have a British company, an independent company, do this, the management, the operation of the cargo facilities, and quite another to have a foreign government, which is what you have in Dubai World Port. This is a state-run agency.

CARLSON: But not according to the president.

ROS-LEHTINEN: Yes, I know. He doesn‘t make that distinction.

CARLSON: ... the issue—but also, I mean, even the broader question. He said what‘s the difference between—it‘s almost suggesting bigotry on the part of the opponents of this deal, by saying as he did today....

ROS-LEHTINEN: That‘s right. He‘s suggesting racially profiling.

CARLSON: Why is he for (ph) the British?

ROS-LEHTINEN: He says let the British company defend why we shouldn‘t sell to a Middle Eastern company. This is not a Middle Eastern company. This is a state-run—Dubai is one of the United Arab Emirates. Yes, it‘s a strong today. What will happen tomorrow and where were they yesterday?

As all of us know from hearing the news all day, two of the hijackers, some of the money from 9/11 went through these—banking system. I was just in Dubai three weeks ago. A lot of members of Congress go through Dubai as we leave Iraq and Afghanistan. It‘s a great country. It‘s a good ally today.

CARLSON: It‘s a great place.

ROS-LEHTINEN: But who knows where they will be tomorrow. This is not

this is not a stable...

CARLSON: But also, can we be honest for one...

ROS-LEHTINEN: ... democracy, not a strong ally.

CARLSON: It‘s not a democracy. And it is a great place. I agree. I love Dubai.


ROS-LEHTINEN: And we would have the same reservations if it were Venezuelan, if it were the Russian government. We‘re talking about a government. We‘re not talking about a privately owned business. If Venezuela wanted to come here.

CARLSON: Even so, can we be real for a second? Right, because Venezuela is controlled by a lunatic, of course, Hugo Chavez.

However, there is a difference between Great Britain and the UAE.

There just is.

ROS-LEHTINEN: Absolutely.

CARLSON: The population of Great Britain does not generally want to commit violence against Americans. The population of the UAE, according to the most recent poll I saw by Zogby, a reputable poll, 70-something percent despise the United States. There is a difference between the countries. Are we not allowed to say that now?

ROS-LEHTINEN: And we should be allowed to say it. And I‘ve gotten the independent Congressional Research Service to do an analysis of Dubai just last week when this started to become known.

And this is not a partisan organization. They don‘t—it‘s got a part of the State Department or the anti-State Department. And you should read their report about when it comes to their tie-ins to the Dr. A.Q. Khan nuclear armament of Pakistan.


ROS-LEHTINEN: And their involvement in human trafficking. This is—this a government that‘s an, but in the Middle East, an ally is sort of in quotes. It‘s kind of squishy there.

CARLSON: I agree with that. And I hope that we will get a chance to read that report. Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.

ROS-LEHTINEN: Thanks, Tucker.

CARLSON: Thanks a lot for joining us there from Miami.

Congresswoman, thank you very much.

ROS-LEHTINEN: Hey, and by the way, my kid goes to Brown. So if you‘re at the Rhode Island College there, you‘ve got to just cross the street and you‘ll go to Brown. We‘re working on him.

CARLSON: I may see him out for drinks after this. Thanks.


CARLSON: Still to come, a controversial British historian, the Holocaust and Al Jazeera. We‘ll explain the chain of event that has many around the world furious tonight.

Plus a true battle of the sexes. Is discrimination against men causing them to suffer through higher rates of disease, self-destruction, even suicide? Details of an alarming new study when THE SITUATION continues.


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