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Nukes, Cartoons, Jihad, Oh My!

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Nukes, Cartoons, Jihad, Oh My!

By: Congressman Jack Kingston · Section: Diaries

We need to open our eyes.

There is something very real and very threatening going on in the Islamic community. The red flags couldn't get much higher.

Just this past week, Danish diplomats were attacked in Iran, Syria, and Lebanon in protest over cartoons which were published in a Danish newspaper more than a year ago. Check out the cover of this week's Weekly Standard which shows muslim protesters holding signs reading, "Behead all those who insult Islam," and "Europe, you will pay! Your 3/11 is on its way!" ("3/11" of course referring to the bombings in Madrid on 3/11.)

I'm a message guy. I get their message.

Feb 17th, 2006: 17:05:58

Adding more fuel to the fire, the Iranian government responded with an attack of its own by suggesting that Holocaust cartoons should be drawn.

As Secretary Rice said on last week's Face the Nation:

"If governments do not act responsibly, we could face a sense of outrage that spins out of control. And particularly if people continue to incite it, it can spin out of control. I would like to have heard from the Iranian government, for instance, not a threat to publish holocaust cartoons, but rather to say that people should not resort to violence."

To be taken seriuosly in the world community, Iranian leaders need to drop their advocation of the destruction of Israel. And lets not forget that Iran has a leader who began his political career by taking over our embassy for 444 days.

Iran has said that the West needs them more than they need us for one reason: America's addiction to oil. As long as we rely on oil for transportation there is some truth in that.

The bottom line: Unless we are fuel independent, we don't have much negotiating room and will continue to be at the mercy of hostile nations.

I have blogged extensively about America's dependence on foreign oil and my plan to help America realize its fuel independence.

This week, Congress sent a strong signal to the people of Iran by passing a non-binding resolution which sends the message but doesn't bind the hands of the President and his diplomatic efforts.

That signal, a resolution which passed in the House of Representatives (H.Con.Res. 341), condemns the Government of Iran for violating its nuclear nonproliferation obligations and expresses support for efforts to ensure it meets its international commitments.

We are leading the world community in sending Iran a strong signal that nuclear weapons are not an option. We appreciate the leadership of our friends and allies like Tony Blair who will carry that message to the UN.

I think Majority Leader John Boehner of Ohio said it best:

"Iran has repeatedly asserted its right to nuclear power, but its government has remained silent on its international obligations. Iran must be transparent in meeting its nuclear non-proliferation obligations, and its leaders must cease their sponsorship of terrorist groups and activities.

"We look forward to the day we can welcome Iran as a free, open, and responsible member of the international community, and the Iranian people should know the United States will continue to work with them to promote democracy and freedom. But the government of Iran must start by meeting its nonproliferation obligations and its commitments to the international community."

The Iran situation coupled with a growing unrest in the Islamic community sparked by cartoons is alarming. Is is clear that some radicals have hijacked the Koran to help promote their own extremist ideology which could tip the scales toward more serious consequences.

As we stand on the front line of the War on Terror, we must be prepared to address threats against our nation.

Thanks for your friendship,


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