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Kingston Responds to Presiden'ts State of the Union Address

Location: Washington, DC


Washington, Jan 31 -

U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA), vice-chairman of the House Republican Conference, issued the following statement following the President's State of the Union address in Washington:

"Last night the President emphasized that the State of our Union is strong - but that together, we will make it stronger.

"The President remains committed to ensuring that our troops have the weapons and armor they need to win the war on terrorism. Clearly, the people of Iraq and our troops are making significant progress in the central front in this war and will continue to do so.

"I was also pleased that the President highlighted America's over-reliance on foreign oil and pledged his support to helping America realize its fuel independence. The President understands that we will be unable to drill or carpool our way out of the Middle East and must instead, embrace a new fuel strategy which includes speeding entry of 21st Century vehicles to the public, and embracing new, clean fuel choices. I have offered a bipartisan plan in the House to do just that and look forward to working with the President on this front.

"The President also highlighted the need to make health care more affordable, accessible, and patient-centered and we stand ready to help him meet this goal."

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