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Rep. Cole's Statement on State of the Union Address

Location: Washington, DC

Rep. Cole's Statement on State of the Union Address


WASHINGTON, D.C.--Congressman Cole made the following statement about President Bush's State of the Union Address, January 31, 2006:

"With the same unwavering determination we have seen over the past five years, President Bush laid out this year's agenda in a true visionary's style. Tonight he left no doubt that he will use his last three years to accomplish what is best for the country-success in Iraq, domestic security, better health care for all Americans, a sound energy policy, global competitiveness and a bolstering economy."

"The theme of leadership in the speech tonight was perfect for a President, who I believe, will be remembered for his ability to lead in a time of crisis. I think he really spoke to the heart of all Americans when describing America's role of leadership in the world."

"One theme we heard tonight has been prominent since 9/11, domestic security and the War on Terror. More than anything this issue will be what shapes President Bush's presidency and what he will be remembered for in the history books. When faced with the opposition's choice to cut and run, the President has pushed harder to define and reiterate his strategy of taking the fight to the terrorists, both in Afghanistan and Iraq and around the world. I believe he is right, we must stay the course and take the necessary precautions to protect our country. In this case the best defense really is a good offense."

"The President also has a vision for American, here at home. It centers around affordable health care, innovation, alternative energy sources and quality jobs. The themes the President touched on tonight will guide our legislative session this year."

"I want to reinforce what the President said tonight. We are living in historic times. The decisions we make today will determine the world we live in tomorrow. I hope that this year both sides of the isle will be able to work together to move America forward and spread freedom around the globe."

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