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Recognizing Don Williams

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. McCONNELL. Mr. President, I rise today to honor a great American: Retired Colonel Don Williams, who is stepping down as Executive Director of the CORE Committee of Fort Knox on May 31, 2003. Since retiring from the Army in 1990 as Chief of Staff at Fort Knox, Kentucky, Don has remained in Kentucky and tirelessly fought for that installation and the community surrounding Fort Knox.

For nearly as long as I have been a Senator, Don has been a valuable source of expertise for both me and my staff. I am grateful for his friendship and his tremendous assistance on Army and Fort Knox matters throughout the years. Although Don will be retiring from his position as Executive Director, I am heartened that he will remain an active member of the CORE Committee, and will continue to be an eloquent and influential advocate for Fort Knox.

Don's efforts as Executive Director of the Fort Knox CORE Committee, Vice Chairman of the Kentucky Commission on Military Affairs, Chairman for Legislative Affairs of the Fort Knox Chapter of AUSA, Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Patton Museum, and Executive Committee Member of the Armor and Cavalry Association illustrate the extent of his dedication to the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Don's contributions to Fort Knox and Kentucky are lasting, and I will continue to support federal funding for Fort Knox projects that live up to Don's vision of Fort Knox's central role in the future of the Army.

Many of the tremendous high-tech assets at Fort Knox for which I have worked to provide Federal funding came to my attention through the efforts of Don Williams. Don deserves credit for highlighting the importance of projects such as the Zussman Mounted Urban Combat Trainer site and the high-tech research at the Mounted Maneuver Battle Lab to the Congressional Delegation. These assets have allowed Fort Knox to play an important role in training our soldiers for urban combat and designing the requirements for the Army of the Future. I will always view these important assets as just a couple of Don's legacies.

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