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Owen Nomination

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. McCONNELL. Mr. President, today we spent a good deal of time debating the nomination of Justice Priscilla Owen. Prior to today, we debated her nomination for 2 other days, so for 3 days of valuable legislative time our colleagues have had the opportunity to come to the floor and debate. We intend to continue this debate for another 2 days. But the debate must come to a reasonable end, so I am filing a cloture motion this evening so we can vote to close debate later this week.

I think we will be ready to vote. After all, Justice Owen was nominated by the President 2 years ago next week. She has had two hearings before the Judiciary Committee, over 30 editorials have been written about her nomination, and nearly all in support of her confirmation, including the Washington Post on three—three—separate occasions. There have been countless op-eds and news articles.

Senator Schumer asked earlier today if we on this side of the aisle expected the Senate to be a rubberstamp for the President's nominations. The answer, of course, is we do not. We do expect the Senate to do what the Constitution contemplates, and that is to vote; to vote yes or no but to vote.

We also expect the Senate to do the right thing by the Constitution, by this nominee, and by the President of the United States who nominated her.

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