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Tribute to Lloyd Ogilvie

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. McCONNELL. Mr. President, we had the opportunity this morning to hear the last prayer of our Senate Chaplain, Lloyd Ogilvie, a man who has touched each of our lives in a different and very special way. All of us in here have reached an age where if we took a few moments and tried to list the people outside of our immediate families who really had an impact on us, it would probably be a pretty short list, if we were candid with ourselves.

I have been doing a bit of that the last couple of days, thinking about Lloyd, his contribution here, and the fact he is now going home to take up the challenge of providing care for his wonderful wife Mary Jane.

I have decided my list would be very short, indeed, outside of my immediate family. On that list would, indeed, be Lloyd Ogilvie, who has had a powerful impact on my life. I will never, ever forget him.

We all love him and we care for him. Even though we will not see him as much in the coming years, I hope each of us for whom he has made such a difference will make an extra effort to stay in touch with our dear friend in the coming years.

So, Lloyd Ogilvie, thanks for all you did for all of us. Good luck in the future. Thanks for making a difference.

I yield the floor.

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