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Defense Authorization Request for Fiscal Year 2004

Location: Washington, DC

SEN. SAXBY CHAMBLISS (R-GA): Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Sorry I'm running behind, gentlemen, it's one of those days full of hearings. But we appreciate the great work you do, and Secretary Roche, again, I thank you for your conversation yesterday and we look forward to continuing to work that issue, and as chairman of the Personnel Committee I look forward to working even closer with all three of you to make sure that all of our men and women are well look after, as I know was your intention.

Secretary Johnson, I have a question for you with respect to the C-130J multiyear program.

We worked awful hard last year to include the language and last year the defense authorization bill for the multiyear procurement of the C- 130Js for both the Air Force and the Marine Corps. I know that work is being done to get the planes on contract and most of the paperwork is currently with the OSD comptroller's office. However, I understand the Navy has not yet provided all the paperwork that is needed and that this is holding up the progress of the contract. Can you tell me what the status of the C-130 multiyear procurement in the Navy is and when the Navy will finish submitting that paperwork so we can move that contract forward?

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