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The American Renewal Project

Location: Washington, DC

The American Renewal Project

This past week, Congressman Kingston sent a letter to his GOP colleagues outlining eight items he believes the American people want Congress to deal with in the coming year. He is calling the agenda the American Renewal Project.

From the letter:

Dear Republican Colleague:

In December we were on offense and had a strong finish. In fact, our team came on strong in the second quarter to pass a strong border enforcement bill, pension reform, legislation to reform federal programs to save taxpayers billions of dollars, appropriations bills that made real reductions in federal spending, and a Department of Defense spending bill which included a pay raise for our soldiers and the funds necessary to win the war on terror.

But now there are those who want to put us back on defense. They would like the current transition process to weaken, not strengthen us. And they would like to keep it going until November.

But it will only happen if we let it.

Our Conference has been through tougher transitions and tackled tougher issues. The way to move forward is to do just that move forward. We need to get back to our basic priorities, to the issues that our constituents want us to address. We need priority-based leadership.

Enclosed is a list of issues with which we are all familiar. These are the issues that have great support among our base and swing voters. These are the issues that matter outside of the beltway, regardless of what the New York Times or Washington Post opine.

Over the past months I have spoken to many Members from our Freshman class to our Senior Committee Chairmen about these issues and how they would play out in their district. I have also talked to consultants and wordsmiths. While not everyone agrees with everything on the list, I hope it can help us focus on our priorities and serve as a point of discussion. I hope you will consider these or other priorities you feel are key to the debate.

At the upcoming retreat, we should work together to agree on a list of issues that we will dedicate all our efforts to passing this year. It will be our commitment to America that we are focused on their concerns and worthy of retaining the majority.

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