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Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005

Location: Washington, DC



Mr. BACA. Mr. Chairman, I rise in opposition of H.R. 4437. I have nothing against this particular amendment, but I am totally against this legislation.

We are all about protecting our borders. We are all about enforcement, and we are about developing a comprehensive immigration reform legislation that really will impact our people, but this bill today, it is flawed. It is inconsistent with the American values.


Mr. BACA. Mr. Chairman, once again I stand in opposition to this legislation. This is not comprehensive legislation. We all believe that we could have stronger enforcement not only on our borders but also stronger enforcement in reference to what happened to immigrants, but basically this legislation is not a comprehensive educational law reform or immigration reform. It basically is deplorable legislation. It violates the 13th and 14th amendments of the Constitution. We are abolishing the Constitution that protects us. How can we alter the Constitution?

I must remind our colleagues that we are talking about individuals who have a human face, a senior, an adult, and a young child. So this legislation, instead, will say the 11 million undocumented workers are felons, are felons. Is that what America wants, to arrest and lock up 11 million immigrants? Are we going to have detention camps, concentration camps? What are we going to do with these 11 million individuals who would be designated as undocumented individuals? What happens to children of individuals that will be labeled? They will be labeled, and they will have to carry that label the rest of their lives as either a felon or an individual who has a misdemeanor. When you have that label, you carry that label with you the rest of your life, and you are asking us to be productive individuals. What happens to those individuals that every day of their life some individual will tell them, well, you are the little individual, you are the criminal. We see a little white person looking, a little brown person stereotyping them and says, you are a felon, you are here in this country illegally. They had nothing to do with them being out here.

Let me tell you, this legislation is horrible, it is terrible, it is deplorable. We must stop this kind of legislation. We must develop comprehensive legislation. We must not have concentration camps; we must not kick our students out of school. What happens to a lot of our kids who are in our schools because the legislation will label them as a criminal? ADA funding that goes to our schools, what happens? Who arrests them? Are we aiding and abetting? When we go to church and we see someone in our church or a pew right next to us, do we then turn in someone because we assume that you are an undocumented? We will begin to do more profiling. We will begin to identify more individuals like myself and others to say, Are you legal or not legal here in the United States? And people who look a different color will not be asked to prove their identity.

This legislation is horrible. We should not support this kind of legislation. We should protect our Constitution.


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